Seeing a local specialist for pelvic physical therapy has never been easier.

The Cedar Valley Center for Pelvic Rehab is part of Cedar Valley Physical Therapy. We specialize specifically in non-surgical physical therapy treatments for pelvic pain and other conditions. Monica White, DPT, is Eastern Iowa’s only certified specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction – and one of only three certified specialists in the state.

What We Treat

Our specialists use the latest techniques, technology, and evidence based pelvic physical therapy procedures to help provide rehab and relief for common pelvic problems, including:

A Typical Treatment Session

Since many of the treatments involve strengthening specific pelvic muscles, a typical physical therapy session might include using biofeedback equipment (similar to a heart rate monitor) so patients see if they are correctly contracting the right pelvic muscles. No other clinic in the area has this type of advanced equipment – which speeds up the learning curve – and speeds up results.

Additional treatments might include therapies to help facilitate contraction of muscles, as well as trigger-point release techniques designed to release tension in affected muscle tissue.

What You Can Expect

We understand the personal nature of seeing a pelvic rehab specialist. When you visit our clinic, it’s a completely private experience. We are located in the office for Cedar Valley Physical Therapy – once you arrive, no one has to know why you are here. Our rooms are private. Your treatment is private – and it’s covered by most insurance plans. Most patients don’t even need a referral from your doctor – you can just call and make the appointment yourself.