Persistent Pelvic Pain

What it is

Pain tells us that there is a threat or potential threat our bodies need to deal with. Persistent pelvic pain is ongoing or reoccurring pain in the pelvic region. It can be caused by one or a combination of many factors, including pelvic tissue dysfunction, prostate-related issues, knotting of pelvic muscles, tension along the nerve pathways, poor circulation, sacroiliac joint problems, or tension in the lower abdomen organs like the bladder.


Chronic, ongoing pelvic pain that may or may not be related to urination, sitting, standing, walking, exercising. Persistent pain is not normal and should not be ignored.


Pelvic Physical Therapy treatment for persistent pelvic pain may vary depending on the source of your pain, and can include specific exercises and stretches, trigger-point release techniques, or the use of modalities.